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ear wax removal Edinburgh


Andrew Quinn ear wax removal specialist

About qb earcare

qb earcare is owned and operated by Andrew Quinn. Andrew is HCPC-registered, has 16 years of experience as an audiologist, and has removed wax from Scottish, English and Irish ears!

qb earcare was formed in 2022, with a desire to provide a local ear wax removal service to the local Portobello area. Its accessible location within one of the area's main GP practices on Portobello High Street means that not only is it ideally situated for Porty residents who are no longer able to have ear wax removed locally on the NHS, it provides an opportunity for others to combine a needed appointment with a visit to the beach, and/or one of the many excellent shops and eateries in the area.

From May 2024, qb added another venue at Conan Doyle Medical Centre at Cameron Toll.

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