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ear wax removal Edinburgh Portobello


Covid-19 Protocols

As a provider of hearing healthcare, we adhere to our industry's current Covid-19 protocols, which means the following:

  • We prefer that you wear a face-covering while you are with us, but will not insist on this.

  • Otoscopy and ear wax removal are considered "close-contact" activities, and we are required to wear a face covering while performing these.​ 

  • We will clean the space in between each appointment. 

  • Please DO NOT attend an ear wax removal appointment if you or any member of your household are suffering from any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 or are self-isolating. For more information on symptoms, shielding and self-isolating please check here. If these apply to you, please contact us to discuss it so that we can reschedule your appointment for a different time.

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