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How can I stop this happening again?

This is a question I’m often asked by clients who have just had excess ear wax removed and are wondering if there’s something they can do to prevent it building up again.

As usual, the answer is not a one-size-fits-all solution!

Sometimes, putting a little olive oil in the ears once a month can help keep wax soft, and prevent it from building up to a degree. If you would like to try this yourself, we recommend Earol (available on Amazon), as it dispenses a preset small dose into the ears, keeping the process tidier and creating less mess.

If you regularly use hearing devices, wearables, earplugs, or in-ear monitors, as you insert these into your ears, you will likely catch ear wax that’s trying to work its way out, and push it back in. This leads to an inevitable build-up, and as such, you should expect to have ear wax removed fairly regularly – perhaps once per year.

Some people naturally generate a large amount of ear wax, and – especially if combined with narrow ear canals or sharp bends in the canal – this will mean a visit for ear wax removal fairly regularly, sometimes more than once per year.

In general I would recommend acting upon it as soon as you notice any kind of blockage. Once it’s got to the point where you notice the “blocked-up” feeling, or that you’re not hearing so well, it’s unlikely to resolve itself. The longer you leave it after this point, the more wax builds up, with the associated increase in risk of ear infections (with water getting trapped behind the blockage), discomfort and even dizziness.

There’s no need to let it get to this point – make an appointment and we’ll sort it out for you!

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